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Sharing happiness is "all good"!

According to an article Positive Intelligence by Shawn Achor, Harvard Business Review (see below), "strong social support is correlated with an astonishing number of positive results. "

Research and studies show that employees with the highest social support scores have an additional 40% chance of being promoted the following year, report higher job satisfaction, and feel better. times more engaged in their work than people whose scores are in the bottom quartile.

Jazz IT up is based on values of generosity, openness, common interest, local and international development.

Also, we associate our company's success and support for various projects in France and abroad.

Here are a few links and pictures of the actions or events we participate in ... (by clicking?)

Le puits de Gokum (Cameroun)

Les jeunes talents (Capucine)

Alès en Ciel

Kangourou Kit : pour la vie d’un enfant au Congo